Reclassifications and Compensation Changes

A position reclassification is the assignment of a new job profile and/or compensation grade / job family to an existing position. Human Resources bases this change on an evaluation of the duties, responsibilities, scope, impact, and minimum qualifications of the position. The evaluation may result in a change to the job profile and grade profile; and, in some cases, to the job family (not all reviews will result in a change).

Provost Administrative Affairs reviews position reclassifications and compensation changes for the Provost Centers.

To submit a request to PAA for a position reclassification or compensation change review, the following information is required:

  • Center

  • Department

  • Incumbent information:

    • Full name

    • Penn ID

    • Current job profile and salary / hourly rate

    • Requested job profile and salary / hourly rate

  • New position information (Reclassification requests only):

    • Updated job description

    • Updated responsibilities

    • Updated qualifications

    • Updated job details

  • Attachments:

    • A justification memo signed by the Director (Center/Division/Department head) which includes the rationale for the proposed change, a description of the ways in which the job has grown and changed, explanation of how this adjustment fits with Center/Division/Department HR plan and overall priorities, and a plan for funding the proposed adjustment.

    • A copy of the incumbent’s current PIQ

  • Other supporting material (e.g., resume, org chart) may be attached if the department wishes.

To submit your request, please complete the Position Reclassifications and Compensation Changes form.

For the full policy, please visit Position Reclassifications and Compensation Changes.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your Human Resources Business Partner.