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Vice Provosts

Dawn Bonnell
Senior Vice Provost for Research
Karen Detlefsen
Vice Provost for Education
Ezekiel Emanuel
Vice Provost for Global Initiatives
Karu Kozuma
Vice Provost for University Life
Laura Perna
Vice Provost for Faculty
Whitney Soule
Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions
Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum
Vice Provost for Student Engagement

University Initiatives

This program encourages members of the Penn community to engage in conversation, free of charge, over breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The University’s new Strategic Framework articulates Penn’s enduring values and distinctive strengths to meet the most important needs of our present and our future.

The Pennovation Center brings together researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to accelerate public use of research discoveries.