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If a department would like to add a new permanent position (full-time or part-time), or fill an established position, the request goes through a standardized process for the School of Design. Requests use a Smartsheet form to collect the required job information and manage approvals. 

Job Request Form  

The approval workflow includes your budget partner, PAA HR, and our compensation partner to ensure budget and job details are accurate.  

  • During this process changes may be made to your job details to align with university guidelines for job profiles, minimum candidate qualifications, or other criteria. Your HR Partner will notify you of these changes before the job requisition is created. 
  • Requests that represent incremental headcount (not backfills) are subject to additional approval. 
  • If you need assistance before submitting your request, your HR Business Partner is the best resource. 

The Handbook section Creating and Posting a Job covers job posting requirements, differences between new and reclassified positions, and waiver of posting request. The Tip Sheet here provides checklists for information you will need to include for your Job Requisition and PIQ, as well as the steps you will need to take to complete the process. 

Additional Pay Request

Additional Pay Requests

Additional pay includes allowances, one-time payments, period activity pay, and temporary increases to hourly rates/salaries.

As of January 1, 2023, all School of Design staff submitting requests for additional pay are required to complete the Additional Work Approval Form in advance of agreeing to do any additional work.  This completed form should be shared with the paying department to attach to their Workday request, which routes to HR and then to your budget team. 

Note: Workday requests submitted without forms attached will be returned for revisions, which may cause payment delays.

Acting Rate Requests

Acting Rates are considered when a staff member will temporarily assume major responsibility for the duties of a vacant position in a grade profile higher than that of his/her current position. Such assumed responsibility is usually in addition to his/her primary job responsibilities. The Acting Rate is determined by Human Resources in accordance with the extra duties performed; however, it may not exceed 10% of the staff member’s current annual salary/hourly rate. Exceptions require review and approval by the Executive Director of Human Resources. Acting Rates may last no longer than six months and may not extend beyond the end of the current fiscal year. They end when the vacant position is filled, or when the staff member is no longer performing the additional responsibilities, whichever is first.

Whenever possible, Acting Rate requests should be submitted in advance of the vacancy; additional work should not be performed until the Acting Rate is approved.

If a department would like to request an Acting Rate for a staff member, the request must be submitted through the Acting Rate form.

For the full policy, please visit Additional Pay (formerly Extra Compensation)

Reclassifications and Compensation Changes

A position reclassification is the assignment of a new job profile and/or compensation grade / job family to an existing position. Human Resources bases this change on an evaluation of the duties, responsibilities, scope, impact, and minimum qualifications of the position. The evaluation may result in a change to the job profile and grade profile; and, in some cases, to the job family (not all reviews will result in a change).

Provost Administrative Affairs reviews position reclassifications and compensation changes for the Provost Centers.

To submit a request to PAA for a position reclassification or compensation change review, the following information is required:

  • School
  • Incumbent information:
    • Full name
    • Penn ID
    • Current job profile and salary / hourly rate
    • Requested job profile and salary / hourly rate
  • New position information (Reclassification requests only):
    • Updated job description
    • Updated responsibilities
    • Updated qualifications
    • Updated job details
  • Attachments:
    • A justification memo signed by the Director (Center/Division/Department head) which includes the rationale for the proposed change, a description of the ways in which the job has grown and changed, explanation of how this adjustment fits with Center/Division/Department HR plan and overall priorities, and a plan for funding the proposed adjustment.
    • A copy of the incumbent’s current PIQ
  • Other supporting material (e.g., resume, org chart) may be attached if the department wishes.

To submit your request, please complete the Position Reclassifications and Compensation Changes form.

For the full policy, please visit Position Reclassifications and Compensation Changes.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your Human Resources Business Partner.