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Performance Appraisals and Merit Increases

All Penn staff members have an annual performance appraisal meeting with their supervisor. The performance review cycle requirements include two performance reviews per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The spring review will require a performance rating. The performance review with the rating is conducted and completed shortly before the annual merit process launches.

In preparation for these performance reviews, you will need to complete your self-appraisal. The self-appraisal gives you an opportunity to promote your contributions and achievements this fiscal year and discuss your professional development needs. See Annual Performance Appraisal Program for more information, and see this tip sheet for completing Goals and Performance Management tasks in Workday@Penn. You should consult with your supervisor about the deadline for completing your self-appraisal through Workday.

New hires and internal transfers participate in an introductory review period which include three parts:

  1. An initial, goal-setting session conducted by the manager for the new hire.
  2. An interim evaluation at the midpoint of the introductory period to report on performance to-date and reinforce expectations.
  3. A closing evaluation, including a performance rating and recommendation to be completed by the end of the introductory period and acknowledged by the new hire.

If you have any questions about the Performance Appraisal process or using the Workday Performance Appraisal, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner.

Merit Increase Program

Penn’s merit increase program recognizes and rewards the contributions of our faculty and staff. Each year, the University establishes a salary increase pool based on market trends and economic conditions. Schools and centers use this pool to provide salary increases as merited by performance. Performance appraisals must be completed for all eligible staff to support the merit increases.

Please click here for information on merit increase guidelines, timeline, and eligibility information.