The Division of Finance's Payroll Department delivers timely and accurate compensation and information to all of their customers.

Payroll Department

Payroll Processing Checklist

Payroll Closing Schedules (including detailed weekly and monthly payroll schedules)

  • All payroll inputs must be entered and approved by 4pm on the Payroll Processing Begin Date to ensure that the change is included in the pay cycle.   

Payroll Reallocations Application

  • The new web-based Payroll Reallocations application launched on July 8, 2019. It will allow users to search for an employee’s payroll payments requiring a reallocation(s) and submit a reallocation(s) for processing. Reallocations that have been entered and submitted for processing will be posted to BEN Financials nightly Monday – Saturday at 6PM.

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Non-Resident Alien Flowchart

Things to Consider Each Payroll Cycle

Compensation - Request One-Time Payment: Request One-Time Payment should be used to submit a one-time, non-recurring payment to a worker. Examples of One-Time Payments include: Adoption One-Time Payment, Models of Excellence, Faculty Awards, Research Payments, Athletic Payments, Tuition Payments, and Clothing Allowance.

Compensation - Manage Period Activity Pay: Period Activity Pay supports the payment of workers for fixed-term activities, such as extra teaching or research. Use Period Activity Pay assignments for time-constrained activities that are not considered additional jobs. Do not use Period Activity Pay for non-academic activities or work with indefinite timelines.

Compensation - Request Compensation Change: This tip sheet provides Workday users with step-by-step instructions to Change Base Pay and other related tasks, including: Add Compensation Plan, Remove Compensation Plan, Add Allowance Plan, Edit Allowance Plan, and End Allowance Plan.

Payroll - Manage Costing Allocations: A costing allocation is a process to allocate payroll costs across various accounts. Costing allocations can be managed as a standalone process, or as part of other business processes. This tip sheet will provide you the capabilities to manage both.

Payroll Reallocations - Benefits and Features/Helpful Tools: Includes overviews of benefits and features of Workday, the COA Segment User Tip Sheet, and Reallocations Decision Tree.

Reporting - Compensation and Payroll Reports This tip sheet provides Workday users with an overview of some of the available reports for Compensation and Payroll in Workday. The tip sheet provides a description of each report, commonly used scenarios, who can run the report, and other helpful hints. Compensation and payroll reports are helpful for a variety of purposes. The functionality within the compensation and payroll reports enables HR Analysts, HR Partners, Managers, and Budget Partners to proactively perform transactions and better understand and analyze compensation and costing data.