Onboarding and I-9 Process

Please review the new Human Resources Policy regarding Form I-9, effective July 1, 2019, to ensure proper completion for all individuals who are hired (or rehired) to perform work in the United States in exchange for wages or other remuneration.

All of the Provost Centers are now participating in the new Onboard@Penn. Onboard@Penn will provide consistent, efficient, and friendly first-day services for new hires. Onboard@Penn is located at 3425 Walnut Street on the street level, and new hires can go to www.onboard.upenn.edu to schedule their in-person appointment.

Provost Centers should refer new hires (remember this includes all faculty type appointments, student workers, and temporary staff) to Onboard@Penn on their start dates to complete the onboarding process, which includes:

  • Complete I-9 (Part 2)
  • Collect W-4
  • Validate SSN
  • Collect immigration and work authorization documents and transfer securely to Payroll, Payroll Tax, ISSS
  • Confirm addresses
  • Answer general questions
  • Escalate complex questions to the Penn Employee Solution Center.

Please make sure your new hires bring the appropriate documents to ensure timely completion of I-9 process.

Onboarding Process

When a worker is hired in Workday, they receive an email from Penn Community with instructions on how to set up their PennKey and password. Once the worker has set up their PennKey and password, they will receive an email from Workday with instructions on how to log into Workday and view their Onboarding tasks. It may take up to two hours for the worker to be able to log into Workday after setting up their PennKey. The new hire should complete their onboarding tasks in Workday before visiting Onboard@Penn. 

The Onboard@Penn specialists will follow these processes: 

  • Confirm the worker has been hired into Workday.
    If not, contact the HR Analyst responsible to assess where they are in the hire process.  
  • Onboard@Penn will assist with onboarding tasks, including completion of the I-9 and verifying IDs. 
  • Once they are hired into Workday and have completed onboarding tasks, Onboard@Penn will instruct them to go to the PennCard Center.

Manager Resources

Manager resources are available for your use on www.onboard.upenn.edu, including:  

  • New Hire Offer Letters
  • Personal Information Form