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Hiring a Temporary Staff Member

Temporary staff can be hired through Apple One (the University’s staffing service), or directly using Workday. A Job Requisition is required to create the position in Workday. Postdoc and Academic  recruiting will occur outside of Workday@Penn. Temporary staff are not eligible for University benefits and cannot be current graduate or undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hiring Temporary Staff via Apple One

  1. Contact your department’s Business Administrator to discuss your need for temporary staff.
  2. Complete a PIQ for Temporary Staff.
  3. Contact Apple One

Hiring Temporary Staff Directly

  1. Contact your department’s Business Administrator to discuss your intentions to hire a temporary staff.
  2. Complete a Job Requisition for Temporary Staff in Workday@Penn for new positions.
    • A Job Requisition is required to create a position in a Supervisory Organization for all populations (Staff, Academic, Postdoc, Temporary, and Student workers).
    • The Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) is required for all openings and is part of the online requisition. 
    • The Tip Sheet here provides checklists for information you will need to include for your Job Requisition and PIQ, as well as the steps you will need to take to complete both processes.  
  3. Once the Job Requisition and PIQ are complete, it will move through the approval flow, as designated in Workday, by appropriate staff in your department/center.

Ready for Hire

When the approval flow has been successfully completed, and you are ready to hire a candidate, complete the following steps:

  1. Candidate completes temporary staff application.
  2. All offers of employment will be generated through Workday with limited edits available and will reflect any contingencies upon which the offer is extended. The offer letter should be sent immediately to the prospective staff member following the oral acceptance of the offer and salary for the position. Applicants accepting offers must sign a statement at the bottom of the offer letter, indicating acceptance and understanding of the conditions of the offer. A copy of the signed offer letter will be retained in the employee’s official Human Resources personnel file.
  3. A Recruiting Coordinator, HR Analyst, or HR Partner will create a Pre-Hire in Workday using your previously created Job Requisition.  (Please check to see if a record already exists in Workday first.  If so, re-hire the person.)
  4. Initiate the Hire in Workday by selecting the existing pre-hire record, and updating the worker schedule, propose compensation, and assign costing allocations. Following submission, the hire will be routed for the appropriate reviews and approvals.
  5. Complete the Onboarding Setup.
  6. Each new hire must also complete the onboarding and I-9 process through Onboard@Penn.

View the tip-sheet regarding hiring a temporary worker here. This tip-sheet provides the step-by-step instructions for creating a pre-hire, initiating the hire, assigning costing allocations, and onboarding setup.