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  • Preparation is an important foundation to reduce opportunities for bias and ensure you are hiring the best candidate.
  • Outline your plan for assessing candidates.
  • What are the core competencies and functional skills needed?
  • How will we identify these when reviewing applicants?
  • What is flexible vs. a “must have?”
  • Who is our hiring committee? Have we communicated expectations?
  • Identify interview questions and/or evaluation rubric.
  • Complete an intake meeting with your recruiter to discuss the plan and design the strategy/approach.
  • Create a realistic timeline for working together – resume reviews, screening time, interviews, etc. 

Passive Candidate Outreach: Do we believe direct applicants will meet the needs of the role? Diversity, specific subject matter expertise, etc. If not, proactive sourcing of candidate profiles may be required. Pull vs. push approach, actively seeking applicants vs. waiting for them to (maybe) apply.