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Finalist Selection & Offer

The hiring manager should review all substantiated feedback and evidence to support the candidate’s success in the role. Identify risks and qualify if they will limit ability to be successful or can be learned on the job/coached. Debrief with hiring committee on finalist selection(s). Identify finalist and notify recruiter who will help initiate next steps. 

Reference Checks 

Before an offer can be extended, the University requires reference checks be completed. These can be accomplished one of two ways: 

  • SkillSurvey – University-preferred tool that asks candidates to provide reference contact information, references answer an extensive survey (based on job profile), and hiring manager receive a report.  
  • Manually – If hiring managers would prefer to contact references directly, they manage this process end-to-end providing TA with the documented references. You can find a form for documenting manual references on the Talent Acquistion forms page here

References are also required for internal transfers. The minimum expectation that the hiring manager have a discussion with the transferring employee’s current manager. 

Compensation Requests 

Offer amounts are requested through a Smartsheet form. They are reviewed against the requirements for the role, the candidate’s background and experience as they related to the role, hiring manager justification for offer, internal equity, external market data, along with other relevant factors.   

Once the verbal offer has been approved, the hiring manager extends this to the candidate and provides the outcome to their recruiter. If accepted, the outcome includes an agreed upon start date. Start dates should be a minimum of 10 days from the verbal offer accept to provide adequate time for the background check to complete.