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Candidate Experience

Remember, candidates are interviewing us just as much as we are interviewing them. They will translate their experience in the recruiting process to what they can expect as an employee.  

Timely communication 

  • Reviewing resumes within one week of receiving them from recruiting. 
  • Informing candidates as soon as you have information for them – don’t keep them guessing. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Hiring Manager to personally contact candidates who were interviewed (by phone, video or face-to-face) but will no longer be considered for the role.
  • You can find communication templates for that here.   


  • Develop questions beforehand to maintain consistency across interviews and allow for easier evaluation of the candidates. This also means we will not have multiple interviewers asking the same question(s). 
  • Knowing what behavioral and functional skills you need to assess with also save time having to add additional interviews because we missed collecting key evidence.  
  • If you choose to conduct a panel interview, inform the candidate of the interview format beforehand. And limit the panel to three or four people to avoid intimidation. 

Accommodation Requests 

  • If a request is made, please reach out to your recruiter and we will work with the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs (OAAEAP) to manage. 
  • If a candidate shares details of their situation, let them know your recruiter can connect them with OAAEAP so they can ask detailed questions. DO NOT ask follow-up questions, promise anything specific, or continue the conversation. It is best to redirect back to the interview topic.