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Find/Request a Classroom

The process for scheduling Central Pool classrooms is dependent upon the purpose, timing, frequency, and need for special services of the event(s).

Course Scheduling

Room assignments for courses are made by the Office of the University Registrar based upon information provided by course administrators in each academic department. Requests should not be submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office unless you are specifically asked to do so.

For more information about this process, please contact the course administrator for your department.

Event Scheduling

Academic events are scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar through the Scheduling Portal. Academic events are defined as short-term events that are related to a course or academic department, such as mid-term exams, review sessions, or departmental meetings, including those that are held between regular academic terms.

Questions about whether an event is academic or special should be referred to the Office of the University Registrar at

Requests for the use of classrooms for special events — i.e., conferences, receptions, or events sponsored by Penn student groups or by non-University organizations — should be submitted to the University Life Space and Events scheduling office using the Special Event Scheduling web form.

A special event meets one or more of the following criteria:

This event will be held on a Saturday or Sunday, or on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or Labor Day.

  • This event includes a high-profile speaker.
  • This event includes a performance of any kind.
  • This event is a conference.
  • This event will be open to non-Penn attendees.
  • This event is hosted by a student organization.
  • Special audio-visual setups — i.e., anything requiring equipment or configurations that are not part of the standard technology in the requested room — are required at this event.
Classroom Change Requests

After course room assignments have been finalized, faculty and department administrators may submit a request to the Office of the University Registrar for a change to the classroom assignment for a specific course by going to Pennant @ Penn or Courses @ Penn and submitting the Classroom Change Request Form.

Please note that if a classroom has not yet been assigned to your course, you should contact your department’s course administrator as described above.

SAIL Scheduling

Because of the small number of classrooms available on campus for Structured, Active, In-class Learning, scheduling requests for courses using this pedagogy are coordinated before submission as a group to the Registrar’s Office. Please submit a request for a SAIL room by going to Pennant @ Penn or Courses @ Penn and submitting the SAIL Classroom Request Form.