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The Provost Administrative Affairs Office is responsible for the financial, administrative, and human resources oversight of the departments that report to the Provost.  Administrators and support staff in the Provost Administrative and Interdisciplinary Centers can utilize this site as a shortcut to vital information, such as links to key websites, quick references for deadlines, and more.

FY18 Faculty/Staff Merit Increase Program Guidelines

FY18 Guidlines and Salary Scale is now avalible.  Please open the below links to read them, or call our office with any questions. 

***February 28th is the last new hire eligibility date for FY18 Faculty / Staff Merit Increase Program.  Individuals hired after this date are ineligible.***


Provost Interdisciplinary Arts Fund

  • The Interdisciplinary Arts Fund, awarded by the Provost’s Arts Advisory Council, supports art and culture initiatives at Penn that are collaborative and directly engage students. It aims to advance the role of art and culture in student and academic life.
  • Proposals are do no later than February 24, 2017 and should consist of a project narrative and a detailed budget.
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FY17 Performance Appraisal

STARTING MARCH 14th...Online Performance Appraisal System is available for entering Performance Appraisals. 

Please see our Human Resorcues page for complete details on the Performance Appraisal proccess.  

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