Provost's Staff Conference

The Provost’s Staff Conference is an advisory body to the Provost that meets to consider proposals for academic appointments and promotions. These start at the departmental level and, if approved, are then sent for review by the school’s faculty personnel committee and dean. Cases approved at this level are then considered by the Provost’s Staff Conference. Each case is documented with a curriculum vitae, bibliography, evidence of teaching, and letters of evaluation, including those of external reviewers. Approved appointments and promotions are forwarded to the President for consideration and then to the Trustees for approval.

Currently, the Provost’s Staff Conference is composed of the Provost, as chair; the Vice Provosts for Education, Faculty, and Research; the deans of the School of Arts and Sciences, Wharton School, School of Engineering & Applied Science, and Perelman School of Medicine; and five additional positions, which rotate.