Graduate Council of the Faculties

The Graduate Council of the Faculties is an advisory body to the Provost and Deputy Provost. The Council is chaired by the Deputy Provost, and its members are elected by the School faculties according to their by-laws, with the following representation: seven members from the School of Arts and Sciences, two members from Biomedical Graduate Studies, and one member from each of the Annenberg School for Communication, School of Design, Graduate School of Education, School of Nursing, School of Social Policy and Practice, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Wharton School. In addition, three Ph.D. candidates serve on the council, selected by the Deputy Provost on the recommendation of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.

The Graduate Council assists in the evaluation of graduate programs by participating in or conducing periodic reviews; advises on policy matters related to the well-being of graduate education; advises concerning University-wide admissions and degree requirements for the Ph.D., A.M., and M.S. degrees; and certifies for the Trustees the candidates for the award of those degrees.