Conversations for Community

The Conversations for Community Program encourages Penn students, faculty, postdocs, and staff to engage in conversation, free of charge, over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The program is designed to foster community and collegiality. Interested community members can fill out an application form here

The program is open to all members of the Penn community with a valid Penn ID. Individuals can participate as a host/guest for a maximum of three meals per semester.

One person should fill out the application form for the group, providing the names and Penn email addresses for all those who are planning to attend. The group size should be between 4-8 people. Applicants are asked to provide a short paragraph summarizing the topic they plan to explore during this meeting and to select one of three dining options. 

Applications should be submitted at least one week before the desired dining date. They will be reviewed within three business days, and hosts will receive an email confirmation.

For Penn community members located at Wharton San Francisco, please use the link here to apply. Information on San Francisco dining options can be found in the application.

Dining Options

**Please note that between 6/1/2024-8/14/2024, all dining venues will have limited hours. For more information visit:

Houston Market or Pret a Manger

Hosts will be provided with a voucher of $15 for each person in their group, which can be redeemed for dining at Houston Market, Pret a Manger, or Joe’s Cafe.

For more information, visit:

1920 Commons

Those selecting this option can visit 1920 Commons for the ‘all you care to eat’ option, which is available for any meal. Hosts will be provided with a voucher for each person in their group.

For more information, visit:


Who is eligible?

Students, faculty, postdocs, and staff members with a valid Penn ID.

Do I need to identify my dining companions before I submit my application?

Yes, we ask that all those planning to dine with you are listed in the application. We understand that changes may occur.

Can I apply for a date that is less than one week away?

No, all requests must be submitted via the online application form at least one week before the requested date.

Is there a limit to the number of meals I can attend?

Yes, individuals can be a guest/host a maximum of three times per semester.

How do I pay for lunch?

Hosts will be sent instructions on how to pay for the lunch upon confirmation. Payment differs in different dining venues. Attendees will not need to pay anything unless they spend more than the face value of the voucher.

My voucher has been lost or stolen — can I get a replacement?

No, we cannot give out replacement vouchers, as they are limited.

Can I request a voucher for a meal that has already happened?

No, vouchers can only be requested for upcoming and approved meals.

If you any questions, please contact Jessie Burns at