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Office of the Provost

Email: Office of the Provost

Phone: 215.898.7227

Undergraduate Admissions: Please see the Undergraduate Admissions website for information and contacts.

Graduate Admissions: Penn does not have a central Office of Graduate Admissions. All questions about the admissions process should be directed to your academic program of interest. Please see the Graduate Admissions page for a list of programs.

Donna Stalker, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Email: Donna Stalker

Phone: 215.898.7227


Catherine Poole, Staff Assistant

Email: Catherine Poole

Phone: 215.898.7227

Leo Charney, Executive Director of Communications

Email: Leo Charney

Phone: 215.746.3430

Josh Piven, Senior Writer to the Provost

Email: Josh Piven

Phone: 215.746.4773

Lynne Hunter, Associate Provost for Administration

Email: Lynne Hunter

Phone: 215.898.8647


Jessie Burns, Director of Strategic Projects

Email: Jessie Burns

Phone: 215.898.9027


Nadine Farrier, Staff Assistant

Email: Nadine Farrier

Phone: 215.746.6860


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