Senate Committee on Committees

The Senate "Committee on Committees" is a requirement of the Faculty Senate Rules.  Its task is to make appointments to a number of Senate and university-level committees.  It complements the work of the Nominating Committee and supplements faculty nominations to the University Council committees that are made by the members of the University Council Committee on Committees ("UC-CoC").

The Senate Committee on Committees convenes during the spring semester only.  Membership is comprised of seven (7) SEC members, chosen by SEC, whose terms are do not expire in the current year.  The Chair and Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate serve ex officio without voting rights.


The Spring 2019 Senate Committee on Committees was comprised of the following members:

  • Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia (Dental Medicine)
  • Elizabeth Brannon (SAS/Psychology)
  • Carmen Guerra (PSOM/Medicine)
  • Eric Orts (Wharton)
  • Daniel Singer (SAS/Philosophy), CHAIR
  • Franca Trubiano (Design)
  • Melissa Wilde (SAS/Sociology)
  • Ex officio, non-voting:
    • Steven Kimbrough (Wharton)  Senate Chair-Elect
    • Jennifer Pinto-Martin (Nursing)  Senate Chair

As of 2018-2019, the Senate Committee on Committees makes appointments (or advisory recommendations) for Standing Faculty Membership on the following committees: