Senate Committee on Faculty and the Academic Mission


The Senate Committee on Faculty and the Academic Mission ("SCOF") oversees and advises SEC on matters relating to the University's policies and procedures concerning the academic mission, including the structure of the academic staff, the tenure system, faculty appointments and promotions, faculty research, and faculty governance. In general, the Committee deals with the matters covered by the following sections of the University's Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators: I.E.-F., H.2., II.A.-D.


Specific Charges, 2019-2020

SCOF's specific charges will be listed here following their ratification by SEC.

SCOF 2019-2020 Membership

  • William Beltran (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Lea Ann Matura (Nursing)
  • Susan Sauvé Meyer (SAS/Philosophy)
  • Ani Nenkova (SEAS/CIS)
  • Bruce Shenker (Dental Medicine)
  • Julia Ticona (Annenberg)
  • Lyle Ungar (SEAS/CIS)
  • Ex officio:
    • Roger Allen (SAS/NELC), PASEF non-voting member
    • Kathleen Hall Jamieson (Annenberg), Senate Chair-Elect
    • Steven Kimbrough (Wharton), Senate Chair