Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility


The University recognizes the importance of a system of tenure for faculty members as the preeminent means of fostering and protecting academic freedom in teaching and in scholarly inquiry.

The Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility ("SCAFR") consists of nine Standing Faculty members who each serve three-year terms, plus the Faculty Senate Chair-Elect.  SCAFR advises and consults with each school faculty's Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility ("CAFR") and with administrative officers on the establishment of appropriate procedures to be followed in the event of a claim of violation of academic freedom or responsibility. At the beginning of each year, SCAFR distributes the “Procedural Principles for Handling Complaints Concerning Academic Freedom and Responsibility” to the members of each faculty’s CAFR.  SCAFR has the power to make investigations, reports, and recommendations on any matter relating to academic freedom and responsibility within the University. 

More information about faculty CAFRs can be found in the University Faculty Handbook.


SCAFR 2019-2020 Membership

  • Charles Bosk (Law)  term expires 2020
  • David Eckmann (PSOM/Anesthesiology & Critical Care)  term expires 2020
  • David Eng (SAS/English)  term expires 2021
  • Nader Engheta (SEAS/ESE)  term expires 2022
  • Chris Feudtner (PSOM/Pediatrics)  term expires 2022
  • Toorjo Ghose (Social Policy and Practice)  term expires 2021
  • Nancy Hirschmann (SAS/Political Science)  term expires 2020
  • Julia Lynch (SAS/Political Science), CHAIR  term expires 2020
  • Jon Merz (PSOM/Medical Ethics & Health Policy)  term expires 2021
  • Ex officio:
    • Kathleen Hall Jamieson (Annenberg), Senate Chair-Elect

SCESF members serve three-year terms, per the Faculty Senate Rules.  Terms begin on May 1 and end on April 30 each year.