A Compendium

Information and Resources for Faculty

This compendium is a work-in-progress begun in July 2019.  If you are a member of the Standing Faculty or have a need to communicate information to the Standing Faculty, please write the Senate Office to request that a resource be added to this growing page.

A Committee on Open Access Publishing was appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice Provost for Research in December 2009 to examine the status of open access publishing practices and to make recommendations for establishing procedures to promote open access that better serve the Penn community and the general public. In May 2010 the Committee presented its recommendations to the Provost, the Senior Vice Provost for Research and the Council of Deans. Between September 2010 and April 2011 these recommendations were discussed with the faculty of the schools across the University. In May 2011, the recommendations in the form of a Statement of Principles were endorsed by the Faculty Senate.