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Academic Rules for PHDs and Research Master's Degrees

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Antihazing Regulations

Bicycle Policy


Charter of the University of Pennsylvania Student Disciplinary System

Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Recording of Public Areas for Safety and Security Purposes

Code of Student Conduct

Concerts Policy

Confidentiality of Student Records

Confiscation of Publications

Consensual Sexual Relations Between Faculty and Students


Faculty Authority to Assign Grades and Academic Integrity

Fairness of Authorship Credit in Collaborative Faculty-Student Publications for PhD, AM, and MS Students

Family Friendly Policies for PHD Students

Financial Policies

Fraternity/Sorority Advisory Board Disciplinary Charter

Guidelines for Addressing Academic Issues of Students with Disabilities

Guidelines for Research in the Community

Guidelines for Student Protection in Sponsored Research Projects

Guidelines on Open Expression

Involuntary Leave of Absence

Missing Students Notification Policy

Parking Regulations

Patent Policy

Photocopying for Educational Purposes

Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

Policy on Common Midterm Examinations

Policy on Military Leave