Faculty Handbook

Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators

Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators

The Faculty Handbook is a set of policies governing faculty life at Penn.  

You will find all policies listed below, in the sections on the left, and through the Handbook-wide search box.

We have also provided responses to frequently asked questions about faculty policies at Penn, QuickLinks to policies on frequently searched topics, and a downloadable, printable, and searchable PDF of the full Handbook.

II. Faculty Policies and Procedures

II.A.  Academic Freedom and Responsibility

II.B.  Structure of the Academic Staff

            II.B.1.  Standing Faculty

            II.B.2.  Standing Faculty-Clinician-Educator

            II.B.3.  Associated Faculty

            II.B.4.  Academic Support Staff

            II.B.5.  Postdoctoral Trainees

            II.B.6.  Staff Appointments of Graduate and Professional Students

            II.B.7.  Emeritus Faculty

II.C.  Tenure System at the University of Pennsylvania

           II.C.1.  Purpose of the Tenure System

           II.C.2.  Basic Principles of the Tenure System

II.D.  Appointments and Promotions

           II.D.1.  Procedures for Academic Appointments and Promotion

           II.D.2.  Documentation of Promotion and Appointment Proposals

           II.D.3.  Appointment to More than One Department

           II.D.4.  Appointment of Non-U.S. Personnel

II.E.  Terms and Conditions of Faculty Appointments

           II.E.1.  Statement on Faculty Responsibility

           II.E.2.  Faculty Leaves of Absence

           II.E.3.  Policy on Extension of the Probationary Periods that Apply to Granting of Tenure or Promotion to Associate Professor

           II.E.4.  Faculty Parental Policy

           II.E.5.  Policy on Extra Faculty Compensation

           II.E.6.  Financial Obligations of the University to Faculty Members

           II.E.7.  Resignation

           II.E.8.  Acceptance of Appointments Elsewhere

           II.E.9.  Retirement

           II.E.10.  Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty Members

           II.E.11.  Decreases in Salary

           II.E.12.  Faculty Grievance Procedure

           II.E.13.  Transfers of Faculty Members or Terminations of Faculty Appointments Resulting from Discontinuation of Programs

           II.E.14.  Procedures for the Establishment, Merger and Closing of Departments, Divisions and Similar Entities within Schools

           II.E.15.  Extension of Faculty Appointments When a School is Being Discontinued

           II.E.16.  Procedure Governing Sanctions Taken Against Members of the Faculty

           II.E.17.  Removal of Faculty by Reason of Financial Exigency

           II.E.18.  Temporary Suspension or Exclusion of a Faculty Member

           II.E.19.  Policy on Safeguarding University Assets