Rising Senior Summer Academy

The University of Pennsylvania, in response to the unprecedented disruptions to the delivery of education and college access supports during the COVID-19 pandemic, is offering the Penn Rising Senior Summer Academy: a completely free, online program open to all 14,000+ rising seniors attending School District of Philadelphia public and charter high schools in these extraordinary times.

PennRSSA’s commitment to Philadelphia students:

  • Increase student access to high-quality learning experiences through engaging academic instruction and enrichment opportunities which incorporate hands-on, enjoyable experiences with real-world applications
  • Actively promote student and family engagement
  • Create a program environment which consistently communicates high expectations for student participants
  • Equip students for postsecondary success by increasing their skills, knowledge, confidence, motivation, and preparedness to successfully complete the postsecondary application and enrollment process.

Watch a video of our information session

Learn more about the program in this TV news interview

For information in other languages, please see our translated flyers:
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PennRSSA is no longer accepting applications for the summer. If you have any questions, please contact us at penn-rssa@upenn.edu. Our “office hours” are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.


This online initiative – with exemplary program operations, the collaboration of world-renowned Penn faculty, and a curriculum that is both inclusive and nurtured by innovative pedagogy – is the first of its type, scope, and scale in the United States.

The program will be offered in two distinct components, both of which are completely free of charge: