Task Force on a Safe & Responsible Campus Community

Task Force on a Safe and Responsible Campus Community

The Task Force on a Safe and Responsible Campus Community was charged in February 2017 by President Gutmann and Provost Price to focus attention on and develop a collective understanding of how best to promote a respectful and healthy campus environment.

Task Force members convened campus conversations and gathered as a body to discuss and formulate recommendations to the President and Provost. Those recommendations were submitted to and accepted by the President and Provost in April 2017. 

The Task Force Tri-Chairs and other University leaders will work to implement the recommendations in the 2017-18 academic year. We have also published an FAQ about student social group social event registration

Task Force Tri-Chairs

Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum, Vice Provost for University Life

Maureen Rush, Vice President for Public Safety and Superintendent of Penn Police

Beth Winkelstein, Vice Provost for Education

Each Tri-Chair oversaw a working group pursuing one of the three charges:

Recommend ways to further strengthen the University’s efforts to foster a campus climate and culture that is free of sexual harassment and sexual violence, alcohol and other substance abuse, and other forms of behavior that may violate Penn’s Code of Student Conduct.  (Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum)

Review Penn policies and protocols to ensure that we are doing all we can to make students aware of their responsibilities under Penn’s Code of Student Conduct. (Beth Winkelstein)

Ensure that we are holding students in unaffiliated and unsupervised groups accountable for violations of University policy to the maximum degree permitted. (Maureen Rush)


Task Force Members

Student Members

Christopher D’Urso, C’18, University Honor Council (Co-Chair), Rodin College House (Programming Chair)

Rosario Jaime-Lara, PhD candidate in Nursing, GAPSA Chair for Student Life, Graduate Associate in Ware College House

Michelle Xu, C’18, Undergraduate Assembly (Treasurer), Student Activities Council (Executive Board Member)

Faculty & Staff Members

José Bauermeister, Presidential Associate Professor of Nursing

Kent Bream, Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine and Community Health

Joann Mitchell, Vice President for Institutional Affairs

Wendy White, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Administrative Staff

Kathleen Shields Anderson, Director of Operations and External Affairs, Division of Public Safety

Monica Yant Kinney, Executive Director, Strategy, Communications, and External Affairs, Division of the Vice Provost for University Life

Rob Nelson, Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning, Office of the Provost

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