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  • Freedoms Weigh

Freedom's Weigh

Freedom’s Weigh is a series of interrelated monologues written by members of the Africana Studies/English course “August Wilson and Beyond.” Using interviews conducted with members of the West Philadelphia community, the students have written monologues that are performed in the form of staged readings (e.g. in which the actors have a script in hand) by actors. The production was the product of a collaboration between the faculty and students, with the latter taking responsibility for the program’s overarching themes and its structure. The staged readings have been directed by Prof. Suzana Berger with an eye toward providing the audience a window into the characters. After the presentation, the audience will be divided up into groups to discuss what they have seen and provide commentary on the themes and symbolism in the respective monologues, as well as commenting on the overall effectiveness/impact of the performance.

The performance was co-sponsored by The Departments of Africana Studies and English, The Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, The Netter Center for Community Partnerships, and the Campaign For Community (which is funded by the Office of the Provost).