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  • gender and sexual identities in asian communities exhibition final

Gender and Sexual Identities in Asian Communities

The Philomathean Society has curated an exhibit on the formation of genderqueer and sexual identities in Asian Communities. All Penn students, faculty, and Philadelphia community members are invited to view submissions from the Penn and larger Philadelphia community. The exhibit will celebrate the perseverance of the dynamic queer Asian community and examine why the intersection of an Asian identity with a queer one is critical to understanding their struggle. It will also attempt to inspect Penn's involvement in the larger Asian Queer community of West Philadelphia.

Submissions will be featured in an exhibit taking place on October 11th - 13th, during which the exhibit will open with College Hall from 8 AM through 7 PM. Additional viewing hours will take place during the gala/opening night taking place on October 12th featuring student performances from Penn Masala, Penn Atma, and Penn Lions. The evening begins at 8 PM. Submissions will be published after the exhibition in a special edition of the Philomathean Society's literary journal, Philomel. As always, these events are free and open to the public. 

Sponsored by the Philomathean Society