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Annual Global Health Symposium: Access to Health in Conflict Zones

Join Penn Timmy Global Health and MedX, with our collaborators AIR and Doctors Without Borders, for the 4th annual Global Health Symposium: Access to Health in Conflict Zones. This week-long event includes a keynote speaker, UAEM style workshop, roundtable dinner, global health crisis stimulation, and an outreach event. Check out the details about each event below: 

Monday, April 3rd: Global Health Crisis Simulation Event
•7 - 8 PM in HH 340 
•The Global Health Crisis Simulation will feature an epidemic (Partiosis), that is ravaging through Penn's campus. We will have to work together to design a plan that can limit the spread of the disease throughout the uninfected parts of campus. Do you think you can stop the disease? Come and find out!

Tuesday, April 4th: UAEM Style Workshop with Ali Greenburg
•Ali Greenburg is the Advocacy and Campaigns officer for UAEM. The workshop will focus on a campaign that the Universities Allied for Essential Medicines is doing, targeting the World Health Organization and centered on drug pricing.

Wednesday, April 5th: Roundtable Event 
•6 - 8 PM in Harrison Rooftop Lounge
•Join us in an informal dinner where students will have a chance to discuss various perspectives about this year's theme: Access to Health in Crisis Zones. Learn more about our speakers' work, studies, research, and/or jobs. 
•Confirmed speakers: Rachel Townzen (Master of Social Work student at the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in policy and certificate in Global Human Rights), Ayesha Anwar (MSW and MPH degree from University of Pennsylvania), Alexandra Vinograd (attending physician in Emergency Medicine at CHOP and is a professor at Penn Medicine), Neal Nathanson (founding associate dean for the center for global health)

Thursday, April 6th: Keynote Speaker 
•6 - 7:30 PM Huntsman F50
Harvey Rubin: Penn Med microbiology and computer science professor, director of the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis & Response (ISTAR)

In addition to each event, we will be collecting items for a VA hospital drive. If you have magazines, books, clothes, and/or gift cards, please bring them to each event to donate!

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