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Politics in the Age of Trump: Speaking Across our Differences (Part 1)

The recent presidential elections exposed sharp ideological conflicts and partisan polarization in the United States. Increasingly, Americans have segregated themselves into cocoons of the like-­‐minded. That poses enormous challenges for democracy, which is premised on the capacity of citizens to deliberate across their differences. In an effort to promote bipartisan dialogue, Cairn University and Penn GSE will hold two public discussions on February 7 (at Cairn) and on February 21 (at Penn GSE). Moderated by civic dialogue experts Chris Satullo and Harris Sokoloff, the discussions will bring together students and faculty from two different institutions-­‐-­‐with very different political profiles-­‐-­‐to explore areas of potential consensus as well as conflict. We hope that these events can serve as a model for further discussions, on our own campuses and beyond them. Transportation to Cairn University on February 7th will be provided via Penn shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will be leaving from the Graduate School of Education, 3700  Walnut, at 6:00pm.
If you would like to sign up for one or both events, please visit the Eventbrite here: