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Fifth Annual Screening Scholarship Media Festival

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5th Annual Screening Scholarship Media Festival 




In the past decade, we have witnessed an explosion of psychic diagnoses for problems that span the realms of the personal, the social, and the political. The contemporary refugee crisis is interpreted through the logics of trauma; the psychiatric interpretation of mass shootings deploys the rationale of psychosis; the examination of an explosion of national suicide rates across schools and universities cites clinical depression as the primary culprit. Journalists, media makers and scholars are often at the center of the production of knowledge that ties the psyche to critical political issues. The psyche, often interpreted to be self-containing and insular, individualizes problems both social and political in nature. Furthermore, it often obscures the public and historic nature of affect as well as the ways in which it is mobilized by the media and the State. This year’s festival asks: where does terror end and psychiatric crisis begin? When does a “mental health problem” become a broader social concern and what are the political ramifications of these shifts in frame? How do these changes affect the solutions we pursue?

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This event is sponsored by camra.