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November 2016

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Unity Month: Movements not Moments

Throughout history, walls have been used to divide, enclose, and block out the minority community. Given the results of the election, there are certain minority communities who are at risk of being further marginalized and are fearful for their lives.

This week our theme is "Create Movements, Not Moments." We hope to shed light on issues some of you may not know much about and provide opportunities for you to become long-lasting allies to these marginalized communities.

The wall will be out each day from 11am-5pm so stop by and write a message of support, share your experiences, or even just sign your name in solidarity. Light refreshments will be served.

Thurs. 11/10: Black Lives Matter, Trans Visibility, DAPL and Native American Rights

Friday 11/11: Disability/Ableism Awareness and Immigration/Xenophobia

This event is part of Unity Month 2016.