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November 2016

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Unity Month: Building Community Panel with Books through Bars

Our second week is Step 2: Building Community which is a panel on Nov. 3 in Arch 108 from 6:00-8:00p.m. discussing the university's relationship with the West Philadelphia community - specifically focusing on how it can be strengthened and how we all can participate past campus. The next day UMC has fifteen spots for people to volunteer through the organization Books Through Bars.
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Books Through Bars is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. We believe systemic social, educational, and economic inequality leads to relentless cycles of crime and mass incarceration. Our work aims to reverse the devastating effects that injustice and incarceration has on individuals, families and communities. UMC's specific project will be preparing a mailing of Jailhouse Lawyer's Manuals to people in prison across the country. This book helps people with grievance and legal claims to protect their rights, health, and safety while incarcerated.
Sponsored by the United Minorities Council