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News Archive: April 2016

News Archive: April 2016

Image: Fellows of the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities on the Schuylkill River at Bartram's Garden. 

Friday, April 29
Adjusting the Focus The Pennsylvania Gazette | By Karen Rile

Friday, April 29
Artifacts, Dieties and Theatre at Penn Museum Penn News | By Jeanne Leong

Thursday, April 28 
The Essential Tinseltown | The Pennsylvania Gazette

Thursday, April 28 
Inside Cleaver | The Pennsylvania Gazette

Thursday, April 28
The Wild Yarns at Swan Pond | The Pennsylvania Gazette

Thursday, April 28 
East Asian art prof documents early Chinese mosques Penn Current | By Jacquie Posey

Wednesday, April 27
Latest Philadelphia "First": World Heritage City The Pennsylvania Gazette | By Alyson Kreuger

Tuesday, April 26
A Passion for Research Takes Penn Senior Beyond the Stacks Penn News | By Christina Cook

Friday, April 22
Pulitzer Prize Winner Visits Vietnam War in Literature Class Daily Pennsylvanian | By Kathleen Harwood

Friday, April 22
Penn Libraries/History of Art Student-Curated Exhibit Reaps Benefit of an Award
Penn News | By Jeanne Leong

Wednesday, April 20
Penn Collaborates on Program to Offer Tours of Lower Schuylkill River Penn News | By Jacquie Posey

Monday, April 18
Magical history tour is waiting at Penn Museum | By Peter Crimmins

Wednesday, April 13
Raising Awareness About Penn About the Media and Environmental Issues Penn News | By Jeanne Leong

Sunday, April 10
Off the Beat: To ICCAs and Back Pennsylvania Gazette | By Molly Petrilla

Friday, April 1
Penn Helps Build Digital Library of Ancient Thai Manuscripts Penn News | By Jacquie Posey