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Wolf Humanities Center

Wolf Humanities Center


At the inaugural ceremony of the Penn Humanities Forum in 1999, William Ferris, then Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, called the humanities "the intellectual air we breathe, the cultural sea we swim in. It is where humankind's best insights into our values, traditions, and ideals can be found."

The Wolf Humanities Center is charged with taking a fresh look at those insights that touch on the human experience. Our goals are to demonstrate how vital the humanities are to the life of the mind and to the health of society, and how the humanities are connected with many areas of inquiry in medicine, law, business, and the social sciences. 

Our annual theme-based public events, together with other programs such as the new Humanities at Large and Digital Humanities Forum, and many other university and cultural collaborators, invite people of all ages and places to join us in discovering our common stake in the "thinking arts."

The Wolf Humanities Center provides an exciting interdisciplinary community for Penn students to pursue research projects related to our annual theme. Our students forums enable both undergraduate and graduate students to engage one another under faculty supervision and to present their research at a public conference. All students are welcome to apply; those selected for Forum membership receive research fellowships of $1,000 to $2,000 and special access to Forum events and resources.