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Platt Student Performing Arts House

Platt Student Performing Arts House

Student Performing Arts and The Platt Student Performing Arts House offer a supportive programmatic home for creative exploration and expression. We advise and train student performers, developing the talents and tools they need to pursue a career in the arts or maintain lifelong passions.

The Performing Arts Council includes 43 student-run organizations staging more than 60 events each year – many of them at The Platt Student Performing Arts House, named for 1979 graduates Marc E. and Julie Beren Platt.  From stand-up comedy to spoken word poetry, from classical dance to experimental theatre, Penn students hone their skills in writing, directing and choreography in productions they can proudly call their own.

Students can create scenery and costumes in The Shop, practicing stagecraft behind the curtain. Arts Ambassadors share their appreciation by spreading the word of upcoming productions across campus.

Local engagement efforts include the Platt After School Performing Arts at Penn Program, which serves neighborhood children, and a ticket donation initiative inviting community audiences to attend Penn performances.