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Theatre in Philadelphia

Theatre in Philadelphia

Fall 2014

THAR 076-301  |  
Theatre in Philadelphia  

Rose Malague
  |  Senior Lecturer, Theatre Arts Program
Tuesdays and Thursdays:  3:00–4:30pm   

The focus of this course will be on investigating and experiencing live theatre in Philadelphia. This semester we will have the opportunity to see numerous plays in production. We will examine the theatre experience in its entirety, considering:  place and space of performance; audience; production elements such as directing, acting, and scenic design; as well as the play or performance piece itself.  In addition, we will examine the state of the contemporary theatre culture of Philadelphia by looking at: the history of theatre in the city; the theatre buildings themselves; as well as the history, mission, and current state of selected theatre companies. Our readings will include:  historical and theoretical context for the attending the theatre and viewing plays in production; scripts for plays we will see; and local newspaper coverage of the Philadelphia theatre scene. The course will also include tours of local theatres as well as discussions with local and visiting theatre artists.