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Food and Fire: Archaeology in the Laboratory

Food and Fire: Archaeology in the Laboratory

Fall 2014

ANTH 148-401 (CLST 148-401)
Food and Fire: Archaeology in the Laboratory

Katherine M. Moore
  |  Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology

Mondays: 2:00-5:00pm

This freshman seminar will let students explore the essential heritage of human technology through archaeology. People have been transforming their environment from the first use of fire for cooking. Since then, humans have adapted to the world they created using the resources around them. We use artifacts to understand how the archaeological record can be used to trace breakthroughs such as breaking stone and bone, baking bread, weaving cloth and firing pottery and metals. The seminar will meet in the Penn Museum’s new Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials. Students will become familiar with the Museum’s collections and the scientific methods used to study different materials. Class sessions will include discussions, guest presentations, museum field trips, and hands-on experience in the laboratory.