Art & Culture

Past Art & Culture Freshman Seminars

Penn's Art and Culture freshman seminars are small discussion-based classes designed to introduce incoming freshmen to the wealth of exciting art and culture opportunities available to them both in the city of Philadelphia and through Penn's academic programs and cultural centers.

All or most of the cost for tickets / admissions in these courses are covered, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Provost's Interdisciplinary Arts Fund. All freshman seminars also fulfill College General Education Requirements.

    • Freshman Seminar 1
    • Freshman Seminar 2
    • afterlife
    • theatrearden
    • Freshman Semina 12
    • afterlife2
    • augustwilson
    • Freshman Seminar 4
    • Freshman Seminar 5
    • Freshman Seminar 6
    • writingaboutart