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Undergraduate Program in Architecture

Undergraduate Program in Architecture

Academics  Students pursuing the major or minor in architecture benefit from a rigorous studio sequence combined with a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences. Through their enrollment in six sequential design studios, complemented by digital design tutorials, architecture majors develop skills in hand drawing, model construction, computer-aided drafting, and the production of three-dimensional parametric digital models. At the same time, the students develop intellectual and analytical skills by completing courses in theory and art history. Students who are admitted to the intensive major enroll in the technology courses offered in the first year of the graduate program in architecture in the School of Design. While the intensive major allows students to apply for one year of advanced placement in the graduate program in architecture, the major and the minor prepare students for later professional and academic success. Students can also elect to pursue a minor in landscape studies, a minor in design, or a major in visual studies with an architecture track. 

Opportunities  Additional opportunities include independent research and study abroad (during the summer or the academic school year, in locations such as London, Paris, and Scandinavia) as well as participation in a newly-formed student organization called ARCHtank, student exhibitions, and design-build projects. Many architecture students also pursue summer internships in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

Research  In recent years, architecture students have enjoyed considerable success in pursuing the research grants offered by the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, the Wendy Evans Joseph Travelling Fellowship provides motivated architecture students with a stipend to pursue independent research abroad, an experience the students commemorate in the form of a photo-essay.

Exhibitions  Each May, the undergraduate program organizes a senior show in Meyerson Hall, providing an opportunity for all graduating majors to showcase their work and their growth as designers and scholars. The program also mounts an annual exhibition in the Addams Gallery. Organized around a unique theme, the annual exhibition draws upon the work of students in all levels of the program. Since 2012, the work of architecture undergraduates has also been featured in the Clutter Gallery, an exhibition space jointly curated by undergraduate architecture and fine arts.