Hiring a Staff Member

The Provost Administrative Affairs Human Resources (PAA HR) office can guide you through the hiring process for vacancies, replacements, and/or reorganizations, reclassifications, etc.  Utilizing our services will protect both you and the university; ensuring that all university and federal guidelines are being followed.

This page will assist you with posting a position, selecting and interviewing potential candidates, checking references, offering a position, and finalizing the hiring process.  If you have any questions, please contact Susan Curran or Kathy Swartz at (215) 898-6841.

NOTE: These processes will change after Workday goes live on July 1, 2019.

  1. Obtain approval from your department's director.

  2. Use HR Requisition System to complete an online PIQ.

  • The Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) is required for all openings and is part of the online requisition.  (Hint: Fill out an e-version of the PIQ ahead of time, then cut and paste information into the requisition.)

  1. Once the PIQ is complete, create a requisition, which will be reviewed and approved by designated staff in your department/center.

  2. The PAA Human Resources Director or Assistant Director will review and grade the position, and then post it on the Jobs@Penn web site.

All applicants (internal and external) must apply for positions via Jobs@Penn.  If you are directly contacted by candidates, please ask them to apply online.  If you place an advertisement, please contact the PAA HR Office at (215) 898-6841 for the quick link and suggested wording to use.

Hiring Officers can view applicant information through PeopleAdmin 7.0.  They can access their posting with Pennkey and password.

The PAA HR team is available if you have questions or need assistance with the interviewing process.  Additional assistance with interviewing can be found in the Hiring Officer's Handbook, Section VIII: Interviewing.  Please be aware that there are questions you may not ask a candidate before hiring.  See Section VIII: Interviewing, Part E: Pre-Employment Inquiries of pre-employment dos and don'ts.

A. Prior to Making the Offer

  1. When you have selected a final candidate, check a minimum of two references (include current supervisor). 
  2. If a background check is required, contact PAA HR to begin process.
  3. Begin hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin 7.0, and forward to HR Liaison for approval.

Once PAA HR has reviewed and approved the hire, they will contact you to discuss the starting salary.  Please DO NOT make any offers, verbal or otherwise, before PAA HR has approved the hire and reviewed the details of the offer.

B. Extending a Formal Offer

Once the position hire and salary are approved, the Hiring Officer may extend the offer to the candidate.  All offers of employment to University staff members must be confirmed in writing, using a standard format.  Click here to view offer letter templates.  Refer to the Hiring Officer Handbook for more information on extending a formal offer to a candidate.

C. When The Offer is Accepted

The Hiring Officer should have the candidate complete the following information and forward it to the department's Payroll Administrator.

  1. Signed offer letter

  2. Completed W-4 Form (if external candidate)

  3. Complete I-9 process online.

Additional paperwork needed for new International Hires. (Please contact the Office of International Programs to insure federal compliance for International Hires.)

  1. Foreign National Information Form

  2. Copy of valid employment visa   (H1-B or TN)

  3. NEW A copy of the Social Security card will no longer be required, the individual who reviews the Social Security card should complete and submit a “Verification of Social Security Card” found on the Human Resources website (Click Here).

D. After the candidate is hired

  1. Review expectations and goals with the staff member.

  2. Meet with him/her at regular intervals to review progress.

  3. At the end of the four-month introductory period for external candidates, complete an Introductory Period Performance Plan through the Online Performance Appraisal System, and review with the staff member.