Wellness Ambassadors

Faculty Wellness Ambassadors serve as liaisons to other faculty members in supporting the success and wellbeing of our students.

Program Overview

Program Overview

The Wellness Ambassadors Program began as an initiative developed at the request of the Faculty Senate and trains Penn faculty to serve as liaisons to other faculty. Currently, the program is being piloted in the four undergraduate schools.

As of November 2016, there are 25 Wellness Ambassadors. All Wellness Ambassadors receive ICARE training and receive information about wellness initiatives on campus and resources available to students. Each school adopts its own approach to using Wellness Ambassadors in their schools, but all Wellness Ambassadors work to promote an awareness and understanding of student wellness.

Program Resources

Helping Students: Who Can I Call? A Guide for Faculty

Guidance for whom to contact across campus

What's Happening with Wellness on Campus

  • Weekly meditation sessions are available to all students for free! Fall 2018 sessions begin August 30. Part of Campus Health's Be Well Program. Schedule is available here

  • Free monthly yoga is available to students (sponsored by Campus Health and Campus Recreation) on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00pm on Shoemaker Green.

    Every school-day at 9:30am on Facebook @healthypenn

    Did you know 10 minutes of exercise at a time is fine? Are you aware the exercise helps reduce depressive symptoms? Every school day there will be a 15 minute activity break posted at 9:30am on Facebook (@healthypenn). The activity breaks can be done anytime, anywhere and no equipment or specific facility is needed. They can be done in an office, dorm, classroom, or outside! In a busy schedule, it can be hard to find room for physical activity, but doing these 15 minute activity breaks every school day will make it that much easier!

  • Campus Health runs a Sleep Well Campaign, which offers free Sleep Kits to students through SHS (students can just ask the cashier). If you would like a copy of a poster on the importance of sleep to display in your office or department, contact (215) 746-3535.

    • Did you know: Penn students most commonly report academic stress as the one factor that they most strongly attribute to trouble with sleeping. Check out other statistics from Sleep Well: A Year in Review 2015-2016.

Helpful Links

Training Materials

Click here to access the training materials and videos from the May 4, 2016 Wellness Ambassador Program. 

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