Background Checks

All staff who have direct contact with minors on a regular basis must undergo a series of background checks required by the State of Pennsylvania. This includes all staff running summer programs/camps involving interaction with minors. 

Here are some guidelines about the background check process:

  • Select one member of your staff to oversee this process. This person will work directly with Provost HR.
  • Please provide Provost HR with camp/event dates and who will be working those dates 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the camp/event.
  • Once you have established who needs background checks please email Provost HR the full name and email address of each applicant (no nicknames).
  • Applicants will be receiving a series of emails from Hire Right. These emails are time sensitive. They will have 5 days to complete them, or you are charged additional fees.
  • We issue two searches through Hire Right: PATCH – PA Criminal History Search and PA Child Abuse Search.
    • If you are being paid by the University we need to issue these two searches – this is PA State law. We cannot accept previously issued PA Documents.
  • Set-up biweekly meeting with Provost HR, either in person or over the phone, to review your staff’s status and to confirm who is eligible to work.
  • Checks are valid for 5 years. Anything dated 2014, or older, is no longer valid.
  • Please note, it takes 4-8 weeks for an applicant to be cleared.

FBI Fingerprint Information:

  • The PA provider for FBI Fingerprints is IdentoGo.
  • You will register for FBI Fingerprints online.You will pre-select your fingerprint location, time, and date. Your prints must be taken within 6 weeks of registering.
  • Speak to your supervisor about payment codes before registering online.
  • We can accept FBI Fingerprints if an applicant already has them. Prints are valid for 5 years.