I-9 Process

The Provost Center (83), Provost Interdisciplinary Programs (04), and Office of International Programs (61) use a web-based form, I9 eXpress, through the University’s partnership with TALX (This company also handles the University’s unemployment claims and verifies employment). A completed I-9 is still required for the minimum record to be approved. HR/Records recieves electronic reports of completed I-9 forms.

Instructions for I-9 Express Process

*For ALL new employees (Regular/Temporary Staff, and Students)

1. Go to to complete Part 1 of the I-9 form.

2. Enter other required information*.

3. Enter Location (School or Center name).

4. Bring appropriate documentation (see file to the left) to Kathy Swartz, Jessica Lesovitz, or Susan Curran within three (3) business days of start date.  Please be sure to have completed Part 1 of the I-9 beforehand.

5. Kathy, Jessica, or Susan will complete the I-9 process.

*For those who do not yet have social security numbers, please come to our office to complete Part 1 of the I-9 form within three (3) business days of start date. Once you have a social security number, please come back to our office to update your I-9.

I-9 Office Hours

Hours for week of Oct 15 - 19 , 2018

Wednesday: 10PM - 2PM

Thursday: 10AM - 2PM

Friday: 1PM - 3PM

Hours for week of Oct 22 - 26, 2018

Wednesday: 10AM - 2PM

Thursday: 10AM - 1:30PM

Friday: 10AM - 1:30PM

*Please Call (215) 898-6841 to schedule an appointment outside of these hours

I-9 Second Portion

To complete the second portion of the I9 you must come to the Provost Administrative Affairs Office with the required documentation.   Please review the attached list of accepted documents.  If you have any questions contact us at 215-898-6841.

  • Social Security Verification Form
  • Business Administrators should complete this form when verifying an individual’s SS Card for the W-4 Form.

  • Download file