Petty Cash Guidelines



Petty Cash funds are used for reimbursement to guests of the University for local expenses incurred (up to $100) in connection with approved University activities.  Please use these guidelines as a constant reference.

  •  All requests should be communicated to Gearline Robinson-Hall prior to sending the payee for reimbursemen
  • Petty Cash should generally be a “last resort” reimbursement option for staff members. All departments that have Purchasing Cards and/or BEN access should utilize those methods before an individual considers spending their own money. If you are unsure who you should contact to place orders for your department please contact your business administrator. Faculty/Staff/Students who find it necessary to use out-of-pocket funds should submit reimbursement via Concur
  • Voucher indicating the business purpose and any additional supporting documentation should accompany the receipt
  • All reimbursements must include an original itemized receipt
  • The “Date” on the voucher form will be the date of the reimbursement, NOT the event/purchase date
  • Please leave the “No.” field and signature lines blank until the request is brought in to me
  • In the “For” section, please first note the person who incurred the expense, and then the purpose
  • For reimbursements during events/conferences, please include the agenda, itinerary or email pertaining to the event. A printout of your calendar is also acceptable
  • Reimbursements cannot exceed $100 per voucher AND per visit.
  • For non-food items, do not include tax in the reimbursement amount
  • Reimbursements can be combined on a voucher form IF they can be charged to the same account string (including object code) AND are for the same person
  • Alcohol is not reimbursable via petty cash.  If a reimbursement includes alcohol, please request reimbursement using the PDA-NA form