University of Pennsylvania Required Disclosures

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires the University to provide a list of student-related disclosures, policies and information on how to obtain the required information. This information is provided below in a list format with web site links to the appropriate information:

I. Non-Loan Related Disclosure Requirements

 Graduate/Professional Schools Cost of Attendance (COA):

II. Disclosures Related to Educational Loans

  1. State Grant assistance
  2. Student loan information published by the Departtment of Education
  3. National Student Data System
  4. Entrance counseling for student borrowers
  5. Exit counseling for student borrowers
  6. rivate education loan disclosures (including self-certification form)
    are provided to students by their private lenders.
  7. Code of Conduct for education loans
  8. 8.Preferred lender lists: Penn does not have preferred lender lists.
  9. Preferred lender arrangements: Penn does not have preferred lender arrangements

HEOA Disclosure Requirements: