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There is an interactive workshop held for new TAs, contact to find out the date of the next session. The session will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up the course
  • Communicating with students
  • Organizing the materials
  • Go live
  • Weekly responsibilities
  • Troubleshooting
  • Course wrap-up


Setting up the Navigation Bar

Uploading lecture videos

Syllabus options

Sending out student surveys

What you need to do each week

How to manage the forums

Inserting in-video quizzes

Create peer assessments

Tips, tricks and pitfalls

HOW DO I...?

Make the most of social media

Social media is helpful for the following reasons:

  • Coursera is a global, online platform
  • You can communicate to students even if the site has issues
  • The community of the course will be enriched

You will likely want to have a Twitter account for the course, or perhaps every new session of the course. The instructor may also have his or her own Twitter account. Select a name that clearly represents the course. Here are some Twitter guidelines:

  • Tweet at least once per week
  • Provide meaningful links or content that supplements the course
  • Market your school by following its tweets
  • Put the Twitter address wherever it is appropriate to do so


  • You may want to create a page on your personal site
  • You can track how many people "like" your course
  • This is a good medium for sharing photos and developing community

Create usable rubrics

Rubrics are a difficult thing to do well.  Think about how to make every evaluation objective, and split up points where possible so students know when to award partial credit. Do not ask students to evaluate something that is not possible to evaluate (e.g. the number of pixels in an image).  Make sure you account for every possible response scenario so that students are equipped to award points.

Help my instructor be successful

Your instructor has asked for your help because you have a valuable point of view of the content and of the student population and perspective.  Make suggestions to your instructor if you have them.  If you make a mistake, point it out quickly to the instructor with an action plan for remediation.

Organize our stuff

It may be helpful to do some of the following:

  • Version control your documents (with the date)
  • Use Google Docs to share documents with your instructor or other TA(s)
  • Create a simple numbering system (Lecture 1a, 1b for Week #1) and keep the naming conventions consistent
  • Keep backup documents of everything (don't enter directly into Coursera)

Share documents

Separate a PDF document

Email students

Add documents to the course

Track enrollments and activity

Create lecture slides

Set the timing for homework due dates

Do a multi-functional question type


I:    Listing the Course

II:   The Course Editor

III.  Section (Content) Management 


These are optional and may be helpful in managing your course.

Course Project Plan

Go Live Checklist

Course Statistics Report

Weekly Emails to Class

End of Course Checklist


Accommodations for special needs

HTML guide

TA roles and responsibilities

Browsers, file types, archiving content

OOPS, I...

Can't find the page I created

Deleted something from the Nav Bar

Put something out I need to remove

Sent a mass email by mistake

Put the wrong date on something

Put the wrong scoring on something

Have an emergency technical issue

Am not managing my time well, help!

Can't figure out the time zone issues


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