Coursera Nuts and Bolts


Here is the information required to launch and deliver your course:

what students see

Example of a Syllabus Page

Example of a Syllabus Page

All pages to which the students navigate will have:

The Left Navigation Bar
(under Ben Franklin in this example with "Syllabus" and "Home")
This can be customized to include whatever links you want (or do not want). Students will use this bar to navigate to your different course components.
The Content Screen
(everything to the right of the Nav Bar)
This is what is displayed when the student clicks on the associated link on the Left Nav Bar. In "Setting Up the Site" we will take you through how to populate these two areas.

setting up the site

setting up the site

To set up the site (before any content is loaded) the TA will:

  1. Add links to and remove them from the Left Navigation Bar
  2. Add the Syllabus into the system
  3. Add your bios
  4. Set up the discussion forums
  5. Prepare the pre-course survey (if desired)
  6. Create a structure for the lectures such as Lecture 1a, 1b
  7. Create any other informational content such as honor code or logistics

The TAs can attend a workshop and use instructional videos and Coursera support documentation. Click here to enter the TA gateway.

Uploading your content

    • secmgmt

Demonstration Videos

How to set up the Course Description (Landing) Page:

ta support

The Open Learning team supports TAs in the following ways:

  • The TA Gateway - their one-stop-shop 
  • Workshops - attend a session with other new TAs
  • Online tutorials - watch a demonstration of the tasks they'll perform
  • Troubleshooting - online, human resources, and links to relevant Coursera support documentation 

Click here to get to the TA Gateway.

reporting and other tools

The following are available to you:


  • Email all students in your course
  • Search for users
  • Set grading
  • Grant statements of accomplishment


  • Number of enrollments
  • Number watching videos (unique users and number of views)
  • Peer assessment activity


  • Quiz summary
  • Detailed quiz responses
  • Assignment submissions
  • Peer assessment grades
  • Class gradebook