Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence Through Diversity

2016-17 Fellows

Mariana Giusti-Rodriguez
Government, Cornell University
Dissertation: From Social Cleavages to Party Systems: The Impact of Social Network Structures on Party Building Processes in the Andes

Sandy Placido
American Studies, Harvard University
Dissertation: A Global Vision: Dr. Ana Livia Cordero and the Puerto Rican Liberation Struggle: 1931-1992

Kaya Williams
Anthropology, University of Chicago
Dissertation: 'We Aspire to be Transformative': Maintaining and Alternative within American Criminal Justice

2015-16 Fellows

Allison Harris

Political Science, The University of Chicago

Dissertation: Who’s on the Bench? The Political Implications of Judicial Selection Methods

Dominick Rolle

English Language and Literature, Emory University

Dissertation: Properties of Confinement in African Diasporic Autobiographies (1896-1977)

Celeste T.V. Sharpe

History and Art History, George Mason University

Dissertation: They Need You! Disability, Visual Culture, and the Poster Child, 1945-1980

2013-14 Predoctoral Fellows

We are pleased to announce our selections for the 2013-14 Pen Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity. The pool of candidates proved to be excellent and quite large, and we commend all those who applied.

Darius Bost

Darius Bost

Darius Bost                       

American Studies             

Home School: University of Maryland, College Park

Dissertation: Without Witness: Racial Trauma and Contemporary Black Male Subjectivity  

Solange Bumbaugh

Solange Bumbaugh

Solange Bumbaugh                      

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Home school: University of Chicago

Dissertation: Meroitic Worship of Isis as Seen through the Graffiti of the Dodecaschoenus

Francisco Ramos

Francisco Ramos

Francisco Ramos

Educational Studies

Home school: Indiana University, Bloomington    

Dissertation: Appropriating Policy, Practicing Identity: College Student Experiences of Intercultural Education in Veracruz, Mexico    

2012-13 Predoctoral Fellows

2012-13 Predoctoral Fellows

(pictured l-r)

Courtney Carter, Graduate School of Education

Home School: The University of Illinois at Chicago

Dissertation: An Investigation of Diversity Initiatives in HBCUs Given Their Race-Specific Mission

Nahir Otaño Gracia, Comparative Literature, School of Arts and Sciences

Home School: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dissertation: Arthur's Heirs: Arthurian Texts in the Peripheries of Europe

Grace Sanders, Africana Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

Home School: University of Michigan

Dissertation: La Voix des Femmes: Haitian Women’s Rights, National Politics and Activism in Port-au-Prince and Montréal, 1934-1986